Newton’s First Law and Self-Responsibility

// an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force //

It has recently been brought to light how much I am truly responsible for.  

Everything I touch, the people I spend time with, the places I go…all of these are choices I make.  And everything has a ripple affect.  

“I wish I was more intentional with my relationships.”

“I wish I could travel more.”

“I wish I didn’t work at this job.”

“I wish I managed my time better.”  

“I wish I was truly living out my passions.”

“I wish I treated the Earth with a greater respect.”

“I wish I produced more and consumed less.”

These are all things I have thought or said aloud. It feels like we are accomplishing something when we say what we would like to change. It is easier to say these things, to vent, and then keep them in the dark.  It is easier to stay the same. Sometimes, I rely on some potential outside source of change to come in and shake me out of my dreadful complacency.  Maybe I’ll somehow be transformed and actually live the way I want to live.  But our lives will continue to travel on the same trajectory – unless we shift it.  

I am still learning how to shift.  I am still learning what living into my true self really looks like.  I will continually be discovering the parts of myself that have hidden themselves and shouldn’t be hiding.  I am not sure what change will look like, but it can start by bringing the desires of my heart into the light. If I never take the time or energy to give my heart a voice, it will never speak up.  And it is my responsibility to give it a voice.  

No one else is going to do it for me.  No magical chain of events can transform me into my whole self.  If I want to make changes, I have to do it.  I have to lay it all out in front of me in the light and look at it.  And piece by piece, brick by brick, I will begin my own changing.